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  • 工業用フェルトは幅広く皆さまの生活を支えています
Toward the big theme of environmental issues.

Goods becomes rich, Japan’s garbage problem that serious with increasing richness of people’s lives.
Among them, those that can be textile still sufficiently used for clothing, etc., has become a problem to have discarded in large quantities. Industrial felt, suitable to their recycling on their preparation, since its inception in the Company, has been working actively in the introduction of recycled materials. Although the strength and durability of the problem There is also a complete recycling is difficult, and continue to develop to ensure the same quality and new material with its own technology, has achieved steady results step by step. At present, using the scraps to come out in the production, we are also focusing on further recycled as recycled fiber medium. Shimizu felt industry, and anticipation of the big theme of future recycling, and we want to contribute to the local community.

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